Trivia, prizes and food

Trivia competitions often proved a great ice breaker at public events, setting a relaxed tone, while also providing an opportunity to highlight key ecological information. Sharing amazing and fascinating facts about particular fish, threats and achievements of the NFS often captured peoples’ imagination.

Examples of questions asked included:

  • How old was the oldest Murray cod ever? (For young kids) Answer = 48
  • How do we are fish? (For older kids) Answer = count the rings on otoliths
  • What is a Murray cod’s favourite habitat? Answer = Snags
  • How many licenced barriers to fish passage are there in the Basin? Answer = 4000
  • How far can Golden perch move? Answer = 1000km
  • How many kilograms of carp were caught in the first two minutes of carp cage operation at Lock 1 fishway? Answer = 600kg
  • Why were Gambusia introduced into Australia? Answer = control mosquitoes

Trivia could also be used later in an event to see how well people may have absorbed particular facts. When displays included live fish in tanks, this also provided the opportunity for a ‘guess the fishes’ weight’ competition.

Prizes were sometimes awarded during events. These could include ‘NFS showbags’ which included a variety of resources such as flyers, stickers, bookmarks, books, reports and balloons. At some events, the possibility of winning small prizes of fishing equipment was particularly appealing to anglers.

Food could also be considered a ‘prop’! Chocolate Murray cod were sometimes awarded on very special occasions. Events often included break times where there was the opportunity to have a chat over a cup of tea and some food. Taking such times to relax and share experiences often proved to be very important in developing relationships and gaining a greater understanding of peoples’ views and local issues.

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