‘If you can’t beat them…eat them’ preparing and cooking Carp

‘If you can’t beat them…eat them’  preparing and cooking Carp
Carp Recipe Booklet

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The density of European Carp in the Lachlan catchment is among the highest of any catchment in NSW, making up 78% of fish biomass. This figure is indicative of the severity of this pest species’ infestation which threatens the Lachlan River, as Carp compete with native fish for food resources and cause immense environmental damage to the river system.

In March 2012 the Lachlan CMA launched the Carp recipe competition with a twist, “If you can’t beat ‘em – eat ‘em!”. Whilst recreational fishing alone will not have a significant impact on the population density of Carp in the Lachlan River, this initiative has been successful in raising community awareness and providing an alternate method of removal and disposal.

PestSmart Report Template

Guidelines for planning carp fishing competitions

Over 30 recipes were cooked, plated, judged and photographed on Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd May 2012 at Lot 31 Restaurant & Bar in Cowra New South Wales. While the cooking was conducted by Richard Morgan, Head chef of Lot 31, the judging panel consisted of celebrity chef and Advocate, Iain Hewitson, K&C Fisheries, Keith Bell and Richard himself.

Recipes received by the Lachlan CMA through the duration of this competition are included in this recipe booklet which demonstrates that Carp can be prepared so they are just as tasty as any other fish you might catch in the river.

Source: Foreward Carp Recipe Book, Lachlan Catchment Management Authority

Keith Bell says carp has an undeserved reputation for tasting terrible but tastes good if prepared correctly.

Note: You are advised to check the fisheries regulations in your jurisdiction, for example it is illegal to have Carp in your possession (alive or dead) under the noxious fish provisions of the Fisheries Act 1994. Any noxious fish captured must be killed and disposed of immediately.Carp cannot be retained and cooked under this legislation so check what the situation is in your region.

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