Find a Flaty: We need your help to report sightings of Flathead Galaxias

Find a Flaty: We need your help to report sightings of Flathead Galaxias

Flathead Glaxias are feared extinct in NSW, and we need your help!

Flathead Galaxias are historically recorded in the Macquarie, Lachlan, Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers in NSW. There are currently no known secure populations in NSW.

These fish prefer still or slow moving waterbodies such as wetlands and lowland streams. Maybe you’ve accidentally caught one in your shrimp trap?

You may mistake Flathead Galaxias for other Galaxias, for example the more common Obscure Galaxias pictured below.

Obscure Galaxias

Flathead Galaxias distinguishing features:

There are six distinguishing features of Flathead Galaxias that are listed below with the numbers relating to the picture at the top of this page and below:

    1. Flattened head
    2. Large mouth with equal jaws
    3. Light olive green body with light mottling
    4. Anal fin always slightly behind dorsal fin
    5. Very small pectoral and pelvic fins
    6. Transparent fins

What to do if you see one…

Try and snap a clear photo of the fish on its side as these are critical for identification and get in touch via the links below.

NSW: Report online – or Email –

Vic: Report online – or Email your photo –


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Sophie Van Dijk

Sophie Van Dijk

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