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Investment in Research and Development (R&D) was a critical complement of the Native Fish Strategy (NFS), to address knowledge gaps and inform management actions to recover native fish communities.

In order to ensure that information generated was used, it was vital for it to be shared with those who needed it. Annual Native Fish Strategy Forums were held in different locations throughout the Murray-Darling Basin for this purpose, to enable policy makers, research providers, water asset managers, recreational and commercial fishers, conservation interests and members of the broader community to come together and learn about the status of the variety of R&D projects underway and completed under the NFS, and the implications of their findings.

Click on the link below to access presentations delivered by research investigators which summarise the progress and findings of projects underway for each year.

2008 Forums

2008 proceedings

Adrian Kitchingman – Murray-Darling Freshwater Fish Information System

Alison King – Outcomes of environmental watering on fish recruitment

Andrew Berghuis – Fish Passage in the Northern Murray-Darling Basin

Ben Smith – Methods for excluding and trapping carp

Bernard McCarthy – Implications of pumping and ponding water on fish populations

Cameron Lay -Mitigating the loss of fish in Irrigation Offtakes

Chris Bice – Fish assemblage structure and recruitment in a freshwater deprived estuary

Craig Boys – et al_Demo Reach Monitoring

Dale McNeil – Drought Refugia and Resilience of native fish in the MDB

David Crook – Assessing the outcomes of native fish stocking in the MDB

Dean Ansell – Temporary disconnection of wetlands – lessons learnt

Dean Gilligan – Identifying drought refugia in the Wakool system and assessing status of fish populations and water quality before, during and after the provision of environmental flows

Fern Hames – Victorian Demonstration Reaches

Heleena Baamford – Alien Fish Plan Presentation

Jarod Lyon – Resnagging Works and Monitoring

Jason Higham – Emergency Responses and fish rescues protocol presentation

Jason Higham – SA demonstration reaches

Jed Macdonald – Native fish recovery following alien species removal

Katrina Maguire – South East Australian Climate Initiative

Lee baumgartner and Martin Mallen Cooper – Learning Through Monitoring Sea to Hume project

Lee Baumgartner – Mortality of downstream moving fish

Les Roberts – Fish in the broader context of NRM

Michael Hutchison – Improved methodology for introducing threatened hatchery reared fish

Peter Gehrke – Integrated Pest Management for Carp in the Murray-Darling Basin

Richard Whittington – Susceptibility of Australian native freshwater fish to epizootic haematopoietic necrosis virus

Stephanie Challen – Demonstration Reaches Queensland

Wayne Fulton – Freshwater Products and Strategies Program

Will Trueman – Reconstructing habitat associations of native fish using written, photographic and oral historic records.

2006 Forums

Alan Ginns – The significance of Murray cod to aboriginal communities

Brenton Zampatti – Fish communities, movement and recuirtment in the Chowilla system

Brenton Zampatti – Monitoring fishways at the Murray barrages

Brenton Zampatti – Use of PIT tags to monitor fishways

Dean Ansell – Selling The Role of the NFS Coordinators

Dr Alison King – Assessing the effectiveness of e-flows on fish recuirtment in the BMF

Dr Andrew Munroe – Impacts of stocking on native fish in the MDB

Dr David Crook – Methods to discriminate hatchery and wild fish

Dr Dean Gilligan – Scoping the knowledge requirements for Murray crayfish

Dr Ivor Stuart – Carp separation cage Mk III and IV

Dr Ivor Stuart – Small fish innovation and Yarrawonga exit mitigation

Dr John Harris – Developing a prototype airlift pump fishway

Dr Lee Baumgartner – Quantifying impacts of Irrigation Offtakes

Dr Lee Baumgartner – Sea to Hume Dam Fishways River fishways and DIDSON trials

Dr Martin Mallen – Cooper – Innovative designs for small fish

Dr Matt Jones – Effect of e-flow allocations and lateral movement of native fish

Dr Mike Braysher – Understanding and awareness of the NFS and carp

Dr Paul Humphries – Impact of managed fish flows on spawning and recruitment

Dr Peter Jackson – Alien Fish Species Workshop

Dr Simon Nicol – Rehabilitating fish habitat – Yarrawonga to Hume Dam, Murray River

Dr Simon Treadwell – Fish habitat associations and guidelines for restoration Meta Data Analysis

Dr Stan Woithe – Resistivity Fish Counter

Dr Stuart Rowland – Development of a Hatchery Quality Assurance Program

NFS Forum program 2006

Jim Barrett – NFS Implementation Working Group

Kate Duggan – Public Perception of Demonstration Reaches

Michael Hutchinson – Meso Scale Fish Movement patterns

Simon Treadwell – Spatial Distribution of Fish

Steven Saddlier – Protection and Enhancement of Murray cod populations


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