Music also played a role in some NFS engagement activities. As the Ovens River Demonstration Reach was being established, connections were made between the NFS Coordinator and several local Landcare members who had a long history of creating and performing songs about the environment and local rivers. They were known as the Burwang River Band. Through their growing interest in the activities within the Demonstration Reach, their songs incorporated lyrics to highlight these.

The Burwang River Band songs:

Our mate algae

Call me Mr Carp

Reaching out over

During the 2010 and 2011 Native Fish Awareness Week, these songs were performed at events around Wangaratta, with the assistance of several NFS team members brave enough to participate. Songs included ‘The Ovens’, ‘Wangaratta Jack’, ‘Terry’s always fishing’, ‘Call me Mr Carp’, ‘A river hymn’ and ‘I lobster but never flounder’.

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