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Here at Finterest, we want to inform, educate and engage but we can’t do that without your support!  As an added incentive to get involved, anyone who registers and writes a post will receive a ‘Feeling Fishy’ T-Shirt (if we have your size!).  These are high-end fashion items and we would love to see more of them out and about on our rivers.  We are looking for content submissions along the following key themes and would love to have you on board!

Finterest Themes:

  • Native Fish
  • Introduced Fish
  • Fish Movement and Migration
  • Fish Habitats
  • Demonstration Reaches
  • Using the Finbox
  • Engaging People
  • Resources (books, reviews, new tools etc)
  • Australian Fish News and Updates
  • Other (please suggest any topics that you believe would align with Finterest)
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Finterest provides you with access to the latest research, science and stories about native and introduced fish in Australia.

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