Finbox – Demonstration Reach Case Studies

Seven Demonstration Reaches were supported through the Native Fish Strategy.  Each was different in terms of size, scale, river issues and community engagement approach.  The smallest Demonstration Reach was Hollands Creek (20km), while Brewarrina to Bourke was the largest (207km).

In all cases, Demonstration Reaches provide people with the opportunity to be directly involved in activities aimed to rehabilitate habitat and ‘bring back native fish’.  This first-hand experience is very powerful, with the saying…

Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember 
Involve me, I’ll understand

                           …characterising the Demonstration Reach approach where people are given the opportunity to get involved and see the outcomes of their involvement.

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Hear more from the Demonstration Reach managers below:

David Cordina, Manager of Bourke to Brewarrina Demonstration Reach, NSW Dept Primary Industries

Carl Mitchell , Manager – Water for Condamine Alliance, Dewfish Demonstration Reach, QLD

Greg Ringwood, NFS coordinator , Dept Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries, QLD

Anthony Townsend, NFS coordinator, Dept Primary Industries, NSW

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