Building a brand

Part of being human is belonging to groups of people who share the same beliefs that you do, and who want to achieve similar goals. For the NFS, building a brand about ‘bringing native fish back’ was important for enabling people to identify with the work, activities and research being undertaken, as well as providing them with the opportunity to make their contribution and feel part of something bigger than their individual actions.

For the NFS, maps, banners, posters and photographs provided visual cues for people, attracting them into conversations as they located ‘their place’ on the map and worked out what the issues were relating to native fish in their area. Pull up banners with information about the NFS or particular projects such as ‘Talking Fish’ clearly identified work being done, and were excellent as conversation starters with people who may not have been exposed to the NFS.

As the NFS matured, two T shirt and jacket designs were created for members of the NFS team. These highlighted two specific messages ‘Bringing native fish back’ and ‘Habitat makes fish happen’. These T shirts were great identifiers for the team and were worn with pride. The T-shirts instilled a strong team spirit, and also helped audiences identify who they could seek out for a chat.

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