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The NFS worked with native fish experts and practitioners to produce some key reference books and information in a variety of different formats to engage with lots of people.

Fishes of the Murray-Darling Basin: An Introductory Guide (Lintermans 2007).

intro guide to fishes of mdb

Fishes of the Murray-Darling Basin: An Introductory Guide (Lintermans 2007). Click to View.

This book was highly sought after and people at many events could simply not believe that they could have it for free!  It provided an easy to understand, yet comprehensive summary of information, covering the reasons for fish decline and what is being done.

The book also included a basic key to fish identification, native and introduced species’ profiles, along with photographs and fish distribution maps.  Both the book and individual species’ profiles (‘fish facts’) were available to download, together with links to specific references.  The ‘fish facts’ included details of identification, biology and habitat, distribution and abundance, potential threats and general references (with a link to the full reference details). The popularity of the book was clearly demonstrated through two reprints. To date, 20,000 copies have been printed and circulated.

View Fishes of the Murray Darling Basin: An Introductory Guide.


Fishes of the Goulburn Broken

The book also generated regional ‘spinoffs’ where some of its content and style were adapted for specific purposes.  Examples include a booklet ‘Fishes of the Goulburn Broken’, and a flyer ‘Freshwater fish, crays and turtles of north east Victoria’, as well as ‘Fish on Cotton Farms: A guide to native fish and habitat management in north –west NSW’





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Other books and booklets:

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