Southern Pygmy Perch at Pudman Creek!

Southern Pygmy Perch at Pudman Creek!

Our Rivers of Carbon team had a fabulous day yesterday out on the Pudman Creek catching endangered Southern Pygmy Perch.  The age and range of the fish shows they are breeding successfully which is brilliant as there are very few populations left.

Yes, they are small but very beautiful and feisty!


Luke Pearce from NSW Fisheries checking the nets, he not only found fish but also a water monitor, shingle back, bearded dragon and black snake… riparian biodiversity!


We spent a lot of time peering into nets and buckets. Lori from GA became know as the Southern Pygmy Perch fish whisperer…


Elaine Sainsbury’s wedding present became a fish tank!  Elaine was quite surprised to see it in use at the evening presentation as when she left the house earlier in the day it had a candle in it!  Thank you Elaine and David for letting us on your lovely property.


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