Hollands Creek Demonstration Reach 2014 fact sheet

Hollands Creek Demonstration Reach 2014 fact sheet

Holland’s Creek is home to the nationally endangered Macquarie Perch (Macquaria australasica), a large-bodied native fish historically widespread throughout Victoria. However, their distribution and abundance have severely declined over the last century and only a handful of populations remain in Victoria. Other large-bodied native fish species in Hollands Creek include Two-spined blackfish (Gadopsis bispinosis) and River blackfish (Gadopsis marmoratus). The aim of the Demonstration Reach program is to improve these native fish populations using multiple river rehabilitation actions. In Hollands Creek, multiple river rehabilitation actions have been applied to address the threats to river health and improve native fish populations in the creek. A new fact sheet has been produced updating the work being done and the positive impacts that are occurring for native fish populations. Follow the link below to read more..

Download Hollands Creek Demo Reach Fact Sheet 2014 here

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