3D fabric fish and silicon fish

In 2007, 3D fabric, life size, fish were created by a regional artist in Victoria.  The original products included Murray cod, Silver perch, Macquarie perch and Carp.  These incredible artistic creations were made from a variety of interesting fabrics and materials and proved a hit – not only with children but adults alike.  Additional species were subsequently produced, including a Murray cray with kitchen tongs for claws!  Each jurisdiction eventually held its own set of 3D fish, each slightly different. The mighty Murray cod proved to be a particular favourite to all, no doubt due to its immense size.

The NFS also funded production of moulds of a Carp, a Weatherloach,  a Barred galaxias and Tilapia. They were made from a silicon-like material, which made them flexible and easy to handle. The fish moulds tended to be most effective for the larger fish. Casts made of flexible material proved more useful as an interpretive tool in comparison to the more traditional fibreglass fish moulds which can be easily damaged.

One of the key benefits of these interesting objects was that people could handle them. They were often used within displays as well as components of games.

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